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Salts Massage



Body Treatments may include a seasonal selection of: an exfoliating scrub, nutritive mask, shower or claw foot tub soak, and 60 min. Swedish massage. All treatments may be customizable to suit individual needs.  Please note, a credit card is required to hold all appointment reservations.

  • Add 30 min to massage....       $55

  • Add a 30 min express facial.... $65

  • Add a 50min spa facial....         $95

 A 20% deposit is required when booking services that are $200+. 



body treatment  NEW!
120 min..... $230 *


You’ll be softened and smoothed with an invigorating sweet cream sea salt and rice bran oil exfoliation. Relax and soak in a rich effervescent bath of olive oil, vitamin E, and a decadent scent of fresh baked whoopie pie desserts. Once you’re buffed to perfection, enter massage heaven with a whipped, Whoopie! ® Shea butter, laden with soft notes of white velvet buttercream. Who knew love can be found in a body treatment!

*includes soak in clawfoot tub


body treatment NEW!

120 min..... $230*


Skin will be refined with a sweet cream sea salt exfoliation. Layers of chocolate and cream await! A warm dark chocolate softening mask is painted on, and you’re cocooned in a warm wrap. Relax and bask in antioxidant-rich CoQ10 enzymes as skin drinks in the nutrients.  Finally, your treatment is topped off with a cozy cardamom and organic coconut milk massage — yours for the taking.

*includes shower



body treatment NEW!

120 min..... $240*


Bliss out in a warm cocoon of hydration! We begin this body treatment with olive oil-infused towels that prepare arms, legs and shoulders for a micro sugar and shea butter buffing! The fragrance of soft citrus notes takes your mind up, up and away to a cloud! Then, a bubble mask rich with sodium PCA and the scent of mint julep, cream and a hint of lavender gives skin long-lasting nourishment. End with a shea butter kneading, chock-full of organic cucumber extract and aloe that alleviates dry, chapped skin.

*includes herbal farm presses



body treatment NEW!

90 min..... $160*


A hot brewed cider scent fills the room, as you soak in a bubbling brew infused with vitamin E and sweet almond oil. A soothing cinnamon twist massage with antioxidant-rich Red Hot Shandy body oil will usher you into relaxation.

*includes soak in clawfoot tub

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